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MTB coast Enduro near the Sea Sardabike

MTB enduro mountain bike by Sardabike, guided tours in Sardegna

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Who said that MTB enduro can be done just in mountains? So, you must choose if to go to the sea or if to go in mountains to find trails. But here in Sardegna is different, you can go to the sea to make MTB Enduro and also take a bath and swimm. Yes, It’s possible! Trails are in the same place of the sea.

mtb enduro sardabike sardegna mountain bike guided trails tourguide

You can ride in nice tecnical trails close from beatifull and pacefull beaches, you can ride and swimm. Trails in the middle of the nature, pacefully and quiet beaches. Cristal water and soft sand.

mtb sardabike sardegna sea tourguide mountain bike escursioni guidate

There were also some little and beatifull natural pools. Jump inside, or sit in and lie with the sun light.

mtb enduro sardabike sardegna trails sea mare guide tours escursioni

You will find different terrains, sand, dirt, sharp rocks, stones and gravel. Tecnical climbs, tecnical descends. According with your MTB enduro skill and your bike, you can choose the easier trail or more difficult sectios.

Starting by the soft sand, were sometimes is not possible to pedal. You just need to dismount the bike and pull forward. Then can be easier with the hard rocks terrain.

(those photos are extracted by the action video camera Garmin Virb ultra 30)


Enduro Riding

Normaly the pleasure came after duties, but here everything is a pleasure. The MTB enduro ride , and the sea. You just have to choose the order, but i sudgest to ride and then swimm, and lie in the beach.

Click here ! One Short video of enduro sections.

Click here for one long video, to see much of the trail. Here also availables G-metrix values, for speed, elevation etc. Give a look and enjoy the video.

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