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MTB enduro trail sardegna downhill and tecnical climbs

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The trail, location and weather

Still Winter, Cloudy day.. the sun is hidded, But the weather is hot..  nice day for a bike ride…

I like so much the fresh sea smell..   “..Bad smell of rotten sea grass..”

Who said that you have to choose between beaches and a bike ride?

Here in Sardegna you can have both in the same place. Trail trought salty lakes, tropical palms and amazing beaches..

But.. today we are here to ride the bike…. So we start to give a look to the trail. But.. I’ll promise to give a look also the sea.

A short climb, to get up in the top of a big clif and give a look all around. Then straingt down in the trail. The terrain is rough. Tough and sharps rocks, worked by the sea.. Its’s usual to find soft sand, and here you can just pull your bike…

Steep technical climbs, that will let you warm up.

Then the trail pass so close to the sea. The road is not always clear, and you have to track your own way. Going up and down. Technical moovements are required.

Little stop for panorama.  And then have fun sliding in the soft deep sand..

The trail past trough hills area, so you will always go up and down.

Technical Climb

Here start the technical climb untill the higgest point, that climb can be avoid with an easier road, but naturally we have choosen the most difficult one .. because when you climb it, it give you sattisfation.

The view start to be amazing.

Finally we get over the top. Where you can see and climb over one acient costal tower.

Today there isn’t a strong light, but the water looks beatifull.

After a little breack again in the trail. When you see the light house it’s time to unlock your suspensions, and let the downhill start..

Watch the video: Here


The trail continue to gift you beatifull views over the sea, and beaches.

My fall..

Always remember to keep both hands in the handlebar, also when the trail it’s easy.

I was cecking my camera and an hard pice of wood striked hard in my foot. You can have the same feeling if you kick one wall.  So painfull.

Just one moment to see the sun that goes down hidden by clouds, and back again to the trail end.

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Thank you for riding with me today and see you next time. Bye

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