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sardegna MTB Sardabike Collection of flowers

Sardegna MTB, Oristano. Collection of flowers photos, in the middle of the nature.

Photos made by Alessandro Fodde. Photos were taken in different places and in diffent seasons.

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Starting in the middle of fields, with happy bikers, guided tour by Sardabike with Bike OR rental bikes service. Spring, flowers invade all fields, giving to the landscape an amazing colorfully look.

Red Poppies and grain.

Spring/summer period. Sinis Peninsula.

In Sardegna mtb trails it’s common to find a loot of red Poppies. With a powerfull and bright red that shine with the sun.

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Closer view of grain fields, full of colorfully red poppies. They also hide some little insects inside.

mtb poppies sardegna sardinia flowers trail guide

Then some Poppies grown near an old fischermans boat.

They also grown directly in the sand, near the sea, mixed with other plants. As you can see by that photo, they create a nice mix of colours. Something of special mixed with the sky and sea light blue.

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Sea Flowers.

Here we can see some flowers that grown near the sea, in high rocks clifs. Normaly they appear during spring, and is also possible to find they in the begining of the summer. Some wild Violets.

Here some other little pink flowers that grown in the high clif of Capo Mannu and S’Anea Scoada beaches.

sardabike mtb sea sardinia trail guide

Sardegna mtb, is possible to ride around all the year. Here a little but beatifull light pink flower, photo taken in winter “cold” season. Near the end of the river, and near the sea. Sorrounded by brown sea balls, dry sea grass.

sardabike mtb trail guide sardegna tour guide alessandro fodde

Finally for sea flowers category, one of the most beatifull that I have found in my MTB trails. A little but so particular flower. Sixalix atropurpurea -Vedovina marittima.sardabike mtb trail guide sardegna tour guide alessandro foddeOne enlargement of Sixalix atropurpurea -Vedovina marittima.


Fat plants Flowers

There where also some fat plants, colorfully also during the summer. They store water inside theirself, and they can survive to the strong heat. We can see those flowers in Red or Pink colours.

sardegna mtb

sardegna mtb

Sardegna mtb, here a famous flower that became fruit, It’s tasty to eat, but be carefull! Dont touch it witout any gloves protection. That fruit is full of little and large spikes, It’s needed one carefully cleaning, before to eat. Then you can peel of the fruit and eat the inner part. The taste is like a mix of different fruits. But you must wait that it is ripe, before to eat.

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