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MTB Sardabike landscape sunset photo collections

MTB sardabike photos. Here one Little Sardabike Photo collection of Sunsets. In Sardinia (Italy).

All photos are taken by Alessandro Fodde. If you need to use it, just hask before.

Urban Sunsets

First of all one shot in urban contest, near the Bike OR rental service. That is one big water tower, that store water that came from the rain.

Then one shot of the sky over the pubblic park in Oristano.

One other urban wonderfull sky, outside of my house.(Oristano)

Finally for the urban category, one shot of the sun trought one tree.


Sea Sunsets

MTB sardabike photos of sunset near the Sea.

Starting with one shot in Torre Grande Beach. So far in the leftis possibile to see Sinis peninsula.

Then one other shot in Torre grande, the sky trought a wooden fence. Here in the center, San Giovanni costal Tower near Tharros, Sinis Peninsula.

Finally for the Sea MTB sardabike shots, one view of the sea by the pines wood.

Bikes and Trails

Here one beatifull shot in the children’s MTB training camp. Marrubiu (Oristano)

Here one beatifull sunset in the trail near the sea. In the middle of the pines wood.

MTB sardabike sardegna oristano mountain bike tour guide guided trails

Sunset at the end of a training. Trail near the city, in fields. Sun trougt one wheel.

MTB sardabike sardegna oristano mountain bike tour guide guided trails sea sunset

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