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MTB Schwalbe Addix tires Evolution Speedgrip snakeskin

Schwalbe Addix New Tires

Schwalbe Addix

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Short review of Schwalbe Addix Evolution MTB tires. Model with Speedgrip mesh, TL-easy with snakeskin side walls. 29′ wheel Size. Evolution is the Top series for Shwalbe Tires. Tl-Easy mean that the tire is suitable for tubeless use and conversion. Snake Skin provide side walls protection from cuts. Addix “the future of Compounds” is the new mesh with super high quality components. Evo tires have 4 different componets in the same mesh.

Schwalbe create 4 different categories of mesh, eachone with different caratteristics. To match your riding style and needs. Details and tires models in the table below.


My Tires

I have bought two tires for a tubeless conversion of my bike.I have choosen the Blue mesh, Speedgrip mesh. To balance speed, Grip performance and durability. Tire model name: Nobby Nic.

(Later I’ll explain advantages and troubles of a tubeless configuration setup.)

Amazon link: HERE

Starting with some tecnical infos.

First one used ad a rear tire. Thiner on the back, for less rolling resistance and less grip than front.

  • Size: ETRTO 57-622 (29 x 2.25 Inch)
  • Typ: Folding
  • Compound: Addix Speedgrip
  • Execution: SnakeSkin, TL Easy
  • Skin: Snake
  • Pressure: 1.80 – 3.70 Bar (26 – 54 psi)
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • EPI: 67
  • Profil: HS463
  • Tube: 19, 19A, 19F
  • Weight: 710 g (25 oz)

And the second one that i have used as front tire. Larger size, for better grip and bigger air volume with less pressure.

  • Size: ETRTO 60-622 (29 x 2.35 Inch)
  • Typ: Folding
  • Compound: Addix Speedgrip
  • Execution: SnakeSkin, TL Easy
  • Skin: Snake
  • Pressure: 1.60 – 3.50 Bar (23 – 50 psi)
  • Maximum load: 125 kg
  • EPI: 67
  • Profil: HS463
  • Tube: 19, 19A, 19F
  • Weight: 765 g (27 oz)

As we see by tecnical specs they can be used with low pressures. If you use it tubeless (witout inner air Tube).

Conversion Kit

My tubeless conversion Kit

I bought 2 tires, 1 rim tape, 2 Tubeless valves with removable core. And one tire Sealant fluid bottle.

Stans Notubes is my choiche.

Amazon: HERE

Because it work well and is made with carefully attention for the enviroment. Is not toxic and not hazardous for the enviroment.For me it is very important. If we want always want find beatifull trails, we have to preserve they. Starting with little things.

I bought DT swiss rim tape and valves, because i have DT Swiss rims. And they racomand to use those components for a good conversion.

Amazon link: HERE

To mount one tubeless tire you will need: one air compressor; one degreaser/alchol cleaner; one rubber tire lever; one hot hair dryer; one large siringe (or a little bottle) with a pice of rubber tube, to put the fluid inside the valve.  You will need tubeless ready rims.


 Quick process explanation for tubeless conversion.

  • First of all dismount old tires and inner air tube.
  • Remove the inner rim tape by the rim.
  • Clean with a good degreaser or alcholic cleaner. Dry with a clean towel.
  • Put the rim tubeless tape. Use the Hair dryer and a rubber lever to let it fit the rim.
  • Create a little hole in the rim valve hole position.
  • Then put the tubeless valve and screw it until it is firm inside the rim.
  • Insert the tire in the rim.
  • Inflate with air compressor until it match the rim.
  • Deflate air, and remove the valve core with the tool.
  • Pur the tire sealant inside the valve, screw the core.
  • Inflate again the tire and let the wheel roll.

Click Here to see one usefull detailed guide for conversion.


First ride feelings with schwabe addix tubeless kit


Here i write “first ride” feelings, with new schwalbe addix tires tubeless set.

The feeling betwen tubes and tubeless is immediatly clear. The tubeless tire fit very well with the ground. The pressure is less, so if you are used to tubes, you feel like you have a half deflated wheel. The Evo series tire give a stick/glue feeling, like you have some fresh glue on your tire. You feel more rolling resistance than a traditional tube wheelset. But othervise you have a super positive cornering feeling. You can corner lower with better confidence; you feel that the rear tire keep your bike sticked in the floor, following your handlebar guide. In the trail you have the felling to have new suspensions. That happens because the low pression tire work itself like a suspension. The tire absorbe little impacts and obstacles on the floor, giving you more confort and safe feeling.


Pro and Cons for tubeless.

Finaly we see some pro and some cons for the tubeless Schwalbe Addix kit conversion.



+Super grip in any condition, climbing, braking and descending.

+Better cornering help, lower angles are now possible.

+Extra confort and better obstacles impact absorption.

+Puncture protection wirh the inner sealant.

+Save some weight on your wheels witout air tubes.



-More expensive than traditional Tube kit.

-Need one air compressor for assembly.

-Need more periodicaly cecks for inner pressure and sealant.

-Risk to get the tire out of the rim in the trail, if the pressure is too much low.

-More rolling resistance = more fatigue on hasphalt/fast roads.


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The post will be updated.

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