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Resolvbike The All in One Ecological Cleaner.


Resolvbike is born by the passion of Stefano Casadei. Passionate Italian mountain biker. Stefano is a professional producer of cleaning products and tools. For consumers, and industrial use. He always used many different producst, to clean properly him bike. But it take many time. And also many money. So he decided to create a new powerfull product that can be used to clean all the bike. A product that can be used witout worries. Infact it is safe and suitable for all bike components. You can finaly use only one product instead of many different! Amazon link: HERE

Resolvbike is made with first class resources. It take care of enviromental and pollution. He have produced a super cleaner that also save the nature. It’s made with carefully attention, it’s free of toxic substances. It Is higly biodegradable. Can be used to clean the frame, drivetrain, suspensions, wheels. And also for clothing, protections and accessories. He made also one clothes dedicated line, for tecnical clothes cleaning.  The name is Resolvwear.

Amazon link: HERE


Main caratteristics

Witout toxic substances: First cleaner that didn’t contain acid. Caustic sustances and solvents.

Professional Cleaner: Can be sold in different tank sizes. User size or for professional use. Starting by 1kg to 5,11,27,200 ecc

Power can be personalized: Is sold also in concentrate solution. It need to be mixed with water. So you can personalize the quantity and the streght of cleaner.

Professional vaporizer: Professional long lasting vaporizer, to spry with the right power.

Nano Tecnologi Protection: It have a component that create a micro film to keep you frame protected. From enviroment like uv light, and from dirty. It make easyer the next cleaning.

Chain wascher racomanded: It can be used inside the chain washer to properly clean the drivetrain.

Higly Bio Degradable: Made with top quality resurces, enviromental friendly. The plastic bottle can be carged again with a concentrate. Or can be recicled. It’s also possible to download the template to cut and create a mud guard from the bottle.

Finally make your green shoice. Choose Resolvbike as your bike cleaner. Save the planet and keep biking.

Spry, brush, clean!

Where to buy:

Amazon link: HERE



Resolvwear Clothes cleaner

The Resolvwear line is dedicatet to cyclist and outdoor sports lovers. Made with passion to keep clean and parfumed tecnical clothes. Approved by SIX2 clothes. Italian Top brand for tecnical cycling Clothes.


It’s available in two different fragrances and in different pakaging. Choose your favourite smell.

Rmove bad smells and give a nice parfum. It keep tecnical clothes material soft, protected and hygenized. Colours saver. Suitable for all tecnical outdoor sports clothes.


Contact me to find a way to buy it in your country.


Where to buy:

Amazon link: HERE



If you have a shop contact me! I’ll give you more infos. and I’ll keep you in touch with producers.

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