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Sinis Yacthing Boat trip photo collection

Sinis Yacting Boat Trip, photo Collection.

sinis yachting

Sardegna sea is beatifull and well famous. It’s nice to go in beaches, lie down and relax. But here in Oristano is also possible go “inside sea”. Reach beatifull and desert beaches. Dive and watch fisches. It’s possible with a beatifull Sail Boat. In summer, but also in other seasons. Also in the winter, when the day is hot and dry. Is possible to sail inside the gulf or outside. San Giovanni Beach, Is Arutas ecc.. Infact is also possible go farter, and reach the Maldiventre Island. The service is provided by Sinis Yachting. The skipper, and owner is Alberto Margaritella. Loyer with sea passion. He have a large experience with sea and sailboat. And he will drive you inside an unforghettable experience. Sailing with “Ocean 34” in the middle of the beatifull mediterranean sea. Ceck the website for the full list of destinations.

Sail Boat trip

sinis yachting

The boat Trip start by the little marina of Torre Grande. In Oristano territory.

sinis yachting

Oceans 34 is full of conforts and sofisticated sailing equipment. 3 Beds cabins, bathroom, kitchen, tables and sofas.












It’s possible drive the boat witout any license (according to local law). Alberto will be happy to teach you how to manage the boat.

sinis yachting sardabike

When the wind is enoungth, is possible sail faster. To reach the desired location having fun.

sinis yachting

sinis yachting sardabike

Time to drop the anchor

When you reach your spot, is time to drop the anchor.

Make your choice, if you want to lie down and sunbathe. Try to fish or go to swim. Is also possible to go diving, and spot fisches.

Then it’s time to sit all togheter, and have an aperitif. Sinis Yachting offer a breack. Local food, cheese, snacks and fresh fruits. Drinks, beer, wine and fruit juices.

sinis yacthing sardabike

Time to go back

When something is funny, the time run fast. It’s yet time to set up the boat and sail back to the marina.

sinis yachting sardabike sardegna sailboat trip

sinis yachting sardabike

The sunset give a magic light to the little marina.

sunset sardegna seasunset sea sardegna sardabike sinis yachting mtb


Want to book a sailboat trip? Click here and call Alberto. Tell that you got it by Sardabike. You will have a special treatment!  Want read customers reviews? Click here



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