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YI 4k Photo collection

Here some test photos, made with the beatifull YI 4k action cam. The best cheap action cam in the market. definitely a gopro 5 killer. All photos have the original colour. They haven’t been modified or edited. No post processing. Morning strong sun. Sunny day.

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Bright colours, close and far from the cam! For landscapes, but also for closer selfies!

XIAOYI 4k+ action cam

San Giovanni di Sinis Costal Tower. Then view over the sea, so far, Capo San Marco lighthouse. Photo taken with the strong sun in front. Over exposed light, but amazing result.

Cam over the helmet. Using My smarthphone as a remote controller. You can also use a timer to take your shots away from the cam. From 3 seconds past to 10. Here one example.

XIAOYI 4k action cam gopro 5 killer

Tharros acient city ruins. Roman roads and tower.

Click here for more infos and test.

YI Action cameras English Tutorial


YI Technology action cams

Yi 4k Is a gopro killer. Powerfull and cheap cam! Same gopro harware. The best cheap action cam in the market.


Here the complete YI action cam family.

To start with full HD: Action camera YI

Better performance, first 4k aproac, touchscreen display: YI 4k lite

Record in 4k at 30 Fps and Sport at UHD 2,7k stabilized:YI cam 4k

TOP performance with 60 FPS 4K: YI Cam 4k +



Sandisk Extreme V30 A1 U3.

Selfie stick YI

Gimbal YI

Nuovo Hand Gimbal


Producer website, here all technical infos and products:


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