Kakuka K70: elegance and high-tech for commuting

If you want to move around the city in style and you don’t like to be unnoticed, you should definitely consider the new Kakuka K70 ebike: here you are an elegant and sporty electric bike, designed specifically for Urban daily commuting.

The new Kakuka K70 2022 e-bike adopts innovative and high-tech solutions, including for example a carbon belt transmission and an integrated electric system.

Thanks to these choices you get a light and captivating electric bike, enriched with an modern “retro style” design.

Kakuka K70 ebike trasmissione a cinghia

The K70 it’s built with a light and high quality aluminium frame, so the complete bike weight less than 18 kg.

The wheelset combines aesthetics with functionality, and includes a set of agile 700C rims with a high profile. The wheels are completed with semi-slick tires that make it fast and responsive on the road surface.

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That ebike it’s powered by a 250 Watt rear engine and an integrated battery pack that ensures an average range that reaches 50 km on a single charge. The speed can be electronically limited to 25 km / h. In this way, the K70 is perfectly legal to circulate on the road in Italy and Europe.

The Kakuka K70 is equipped with 5 levels of pedal assistance, and features full electric mode with the throttle.

Kakuka K70 display ebike integrato nel manubrio

The steering is at the same time innovative and minimal, with a modern LCD display integrated into the stem/handlebar: the screen shows riding parameters such as the current speed, the number of kilometres travelled, the battery status and so on.

How much does it cost? it’s so cheep!

All this high-tech is offered with a really interesting retail price of $ 1,299, around 1,250 euros. The displayed price includes shipping and taxes, and may vary based on the euro dollar exchange rate.

Now, you can buy your Kakuka K70 with a special discount, from the official Kakuka shop. Fast shipping from the European warehouse.

Kakuka K70: motor and battery

The Kakuka K70 is powered by a brushless rear motor integrated into the hub: the producer have choose 36 Volt and 250W XOFO motor. The engine develops a remarkable torque for the category, with a peak that reaches 50 Nm of maximum torque. Efficiency and power, thanks to a modern speed sensor that carefully manages the power delivery to the wheel.

The speed can be unlocked, for use in countries with different regulations, and in this case easily reaches and exceeds 30 km/h while unlocked.

As we can see from the tech sheet, the manufacturer indicates that the Kakuka K70 is prepared to tackle maximum slopes with an angle of 20 degrees. An excellent result for an urban ebike.

Kakuka K70 in azione

The 36V and 7.5AH lithium battery has a total capacity of 270 Wh: the manufacturer declares that depending on use, the range varies from about 30 to 70 km with a single charge. Of course, these parameters vary depending on numerous factors, including the weight of the cyclist, the type of surface, the slope and so on.

The battery is integrated into the frame but can be removed for replacement: this is an easy operation but which is left when you want to replace the battery pack, which is sold as a spare part.

For daily recharge, the battery charger provide with the bike must be connected directly to the frame charging port.

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A full recharge of energy takes about 4 hours, and costs just a few euro cents.

The control of the functions is delegated to the LCD display integrated in the steering. The screen is large and ensures excellent visibility in all light conditions, both in sunlight and night time.

In the European version the maximum speed is electronically limited to 25 km/h to fulfil legal obligations. Thanks to that choice you can ride in full compliance with the rules, and without worries.

Carbon belt drivetrain: quiet and performing

Now, let’s move on one of the most important peculiarities of the K7, talking about the innovative chinless technology that we usually only find in high-end expensive electric bikes.

The Kakuka K70 is equipped with a single chain ring transmission with a carbon belt. This solution makes it more silent, precise and versatile, since it excludes all the problems related to the classic adjustments of the derailleur.

Kakuka K70 cinghia in carbonio

You can therefore forget about the annoying falls of the chain, or the constant adjustments of the gearbox. In addition, the belt does not require lubrication and will stay clean during use. Less fat on your pants and less worries even with frequent or daily use.

In addition, we also remember that the belt drive is lighter than a traditional configuration with chain and gearbox.

The carbon belt is reinforced and has a long service life, to ensure you have a large number of kilometres travelled before its replacement.

Kakuka K70: quality components

Now, let’s examine all the components that have been chosen for this modern urban ebike.

The aluminium frame employs hydro formed tubing and a high quality weld smooth finish, which helps make it even more refined and elegant. The Kakuka K70 is offered in two colours, respectively with the Silver frame or in the Black colour.

On the left side of the handlebar we find the classic hand crank accelerator, which allows you to activate the full electric mode. The handlebars are decorated with synthetic leather grips with visible stitching, for a retro appeal. The Black model features a combination of vintage saddle and grips in brown color.

In addition, the saddle is wide and light, and takes up the look of the racing models of the past: the shape offers ample support to the pelvis, for a comfortable and easy seat.

Braking is entrusted to a set of mechanical disc brakes with a Power Off sensor which interrupts the assistance of the engine when the pressure of a lever is detected. The disc system ensures safe braking in all weather conditions.

The 700C wheels are fitted with 32C section CST rubber slick tires. These tires offer a high level of smoothness and high abrasion resistance, for a long life. The sidewall of the tires is reflective, to optimize visibility on the road in low light conditions.

In conclusion, easy parking thanks to the practical central stand, which is stable and robust. The equipment is completed by a set of reflectors and a white (external battery-powered) front light.

Super light ebike: best in category

The complete Kakuka K70 weighs around 17.8kg – an amazing result for a “low budget” urban electric bike!

Kakuka K70 ebike leggera

In conclusion, we are really curious to test it out in urban environment, and we will go soon to find if it’s any good. Stay tuned for the full YouTube review.

In the meantime, for more information or to purchase discounted, you can visit the Kakuka manufacturer’s website.

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