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Sardegna MTB adventure [Video Collection]

Here will be collected all ” Sardegna MTB adventure ” episodes.

Starting by the first episode.

First Episode

Firs of all, adventure Made in September 2017. Location Seneghe Mountains. (OR)

Organized By Santu Lussurgiu MTB. Trail In the middle of the beatifull Montiferru Mountain. Steep climb, rocky and tecnical descends. Beatifull Experience in the middle of old trees.

Second Episode

Then adventure made in Gennuary 2018. Location Baressa. “Wine and Food”

300 Bikers, aroud Marmilla territory. Discovering amazing landscapes. Passing trought little villages.

Tasting tipical foods and wines. Organized By Baressa Racing Team.



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Tools Used for videos.

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Camera

Memory Lexar

Chest mount action Cam

Acessories, hang tools for cam

Exelvan 4k Action Camera.

Helmet Bell Super 3R

Tecnical Clothes

Shoes Five Ten



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